“In 1987 in Odesa, I conducted the performance “Explorations of artistic deposits”. It took place in Palais-Royal – the square near the Odesa Opera House, where at that time spontaneously arose the art fair, which was similar to Bitsa and Izmaylov in Moscow. There were geodetic works simulated with all their clarity and tools. The Odessa group (the so-called Southern wing) - S. Anufriyev, Y. Leiderman, I. Chatskin, Pertsi, Martynchyky, L. Zvezdotchyotova, O. Petrelli and a group of enthusiasts, armed with theodolites, rods, roulettes, measured something, somehow marked, took repère (elevation above sea level) of the main characters of the Odessa artistic world. In fact, I was twisting things: it was about the depth of the bedding, about who got to the state of peat, who was dripping with oil, and who was petrified, pressed into coal” Leonid Voitsekhov. “Vortex of charisma” / Alice Lozhkina. Theatre of ideas by Leonid Voitsekhov. ART UKRAINE, 29.04.2015.