Serhiy Anufriyev

Vital Dates
September 08 1964
Born in Odesa on September 8, 1964. Most representatives of the circle of Odesa conceptualists note his constant efforts in trying to form the Odesa group, as well as the exchange of information and work between Odesa and Moscow, which existed thanks to the actions of Serhiy Anufriev. In his autobiographical text, we read: “In 1979, when I was 15 years old, my mother brought the first issue of “A–Ya” magazine from Moscow. By that time, I became interested in conceptual art, knowing only Western conceptualism from magazines, books, catalogs that came to Odessa. “A–Ya” magazine became a revelation for me, and I immediately went to Moscow to personally meet the masters of the Moscow conceptual school”. In Moscow, Serhiy Anufriev lived for some time in the studio of Volodymyr Naumts, assisted him in carrying out certain actions, participated in APTART exhibitions, but also often came to Odessa.
In 1982, he met Leonid Voitsekhov, which was the beginning of the formation of Odessa conceptualists group. Member of the “Club of Avant-garde”, which was created in 1987 (CLAVA).
1987 – Together with Yuriy Leiderman and Pavlo Peperstein, he founded the “Inspection “Medical Hermeneutics”” group, was the senior inspector of the group.
Since 1989, he is a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA). In 1991, Sergey Anufriev becomes co-founder of the “Cloud Commission” art group, which took part in the Venice Biennale.
Together with Pavlo Pepperstein, he published “The Mythological Love of Castes”: the first volume was released in 1999, the second – in 2002.
During 2001-2002, he worked as art director of “Gelman Gallery” in Kyiv, and subsequently in Moscow.
In the end of 2000s, he took part in the actions of “Art Raiders” group.
Since 1994 lives and works in Moscow and Odesa.