Oleksandr Petrelli

Vital Dates
Born in Odesa on November 9, 1968. Worked as a mime actor at the Odesa Opera and Ballet Theatre. Played in punk bands “Horrible Injustice” and “Children on Grazz”. Moved to Moscow in 1991. Worked at the squat on Chistoprudnyi lane. From 1994 until 2002, participated in the band “Sea of Sailors”. In 1996, founded the “Palto” gallery together with Oleh Petrenko and Liudmyla Skrypkina (the "Pertsi" group). Since 1998, works on this project on his own. One of the founders and musicians of the band “Di Pupl pod faneru” from 1997 until 2004. Since 2004, participates in the project “G.O.Z” (Single Viewer Gallery). Since 2011, participates in the trend “The New Normal” of the group “Excretions”. In September 2012, he coordinated the “Mos. Koop” project.

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