Volodymyr Naumets

Vital Dates
Born in 1945, Lviv (Ukraine).

Received art education at the Odessa State Art College (1959–1964) and at the Moscow Higher Art and Industry College (1965–1970).

In the 70s was actively involved into conducting informal «apartment» exhibitions in Odessa, Moscow. Participated in an informal exhibition «Contemporary art from Ukraine. Munich–London–New York–Paris» (1979).

From 1976 to 1980 was a member of the art class under the city committee of Moscow. In the late 70s–80s was involved in the actions of the Moscow conceptualists. Worked on mural mosaic projects in Germany and Greece.

Member of International Association of mosaic artists, 1998, Ravenna (Italy).

Lives and works in Cologne (Germany).

Works by Vladimir Naumets are stored in the collections of Odessa Literary Museum, Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Art Museums of Bern, Vienna, New York, and in private collections around the world.

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