Ihor Styopin

Was born on January 21, 1967 in the city of Odessa.
1982 - met Pertsy (Oleg Petrenko), who at that time was also a rock musician. Together they played in the group "Poluboks".
In the early 80s he met Alexander Petrelli, who was also a rock musician.
From the 80s to 1986 he was a musician, played in various rock bands, one of them “Monte Cristo”. Performed in the "Rock Club".
1986 - began to study art. Made the first work for the Svetlana Martynchik's apartment exhibition.
1986 - meeting Anufriev, arrived in Moscow.
In 1991 Stepin became one of the founders of the cult Odessa punk-chanson group "Club of Sad Faces".
Since 1993 he has lived in Moscow, since 2004 - in Vilnius.
He died on May 16, 2018.

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